Billiard cue Classic Break Jump black 5/16x18

With Irish linen grip

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Billiard cue Classic Break Jump black 5/16x18.

This three-piece jump break pool cue of Classic brand, is the perfect adition to the pool cue.

The very hard maple with an extremely rigid core, is well suited for strong shots. The ewight displacement allows for a more powerful shot.

The heavy-dte ferrule and the tried and tested 13 mm phenolic tip, together allow optimal control for better jump and break shots.

The high quality grip is made from double-pressed irish linen.

The cue can be easiliy changed form a break cue into a jump cue, thanks to the quick fasteners with an stainless steel thread.


- Made of maple wood

- 13 mm phenolic tip


- Irish linen grip

- 5/16x18 metal thread quick release




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