Cuetec Weight Set Acueweight Kit

Fine tune your game and your cue

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Cuetec Weight Set Acueweight Kit.

Cuetec’s Acueweight Kit goes beyond adjusting the weight of your cue, adding the ability to choose the location of the weight via the Acueweight Kit’s Polycarbonate spacers.

Simply remove the bumper on your AVID or second generation Cynergy Cue using the supplied 10mm hex key (or remove the cue’s butt-cap twisting counter-clockwise), and then, after removing any existing weights with a standard No. 2 Philips screwdriver, dial in the weight and balance of your preference. 

- 10mm Hex Key

- Velvet Acuweight Carry Pouch

- 2x 0.25 oz. Acuweights

- 2x 0.50 oz. Acuweights

- 2x 1.00 oz. Acuweights

- 27mm Polycarbonate Spacer (0,15 oz)

- 54mm Polycarbonate Spacer (0,25 oz)

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