Longoni The King II by J.P. de Bruijn carom cue

You can order with Luna Nera, S20 or S30

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Longoni The King II by J.P. de Bruijn carom cue.

A new model for the Dutch champion Jean Paul De Bruijn is now available.

JP opted to retain consistency with the previous model by keeping the same name while introducing similar materials and colors. In contrast to the earlier model, the inlays have been refined to exude more elegance; the new varnish contributes to an overall marvelous appearance.

It's available with vp2 titanium joint in the version with 1 luna Nera, 2 S20 or 2 S30. 

Woods: Ural, curly maple, hornbeam (core) 

The cue comes with cue bag, joint protectors and certificate of authenticity.

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