Ball Set Pool Aramith Tournament Pro Cup, 57,2 mm

Ball Set Aramith Tournament Pro Cup

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Ball Set Pool Aramith Tournament Pro Cup, 57,2 mm.

The Aramith Tournament pool ball set features the new Duramith tm technology which gratly improves the longevity of the balls, while reducing the wear and tear of the pool table cloth. It has a useful life up to 8 times longer than balls made with poliester resin. More quality, durability and longevity.

- Its surface and vitrified core maintain a shiny appeareance.

- Mantain specs, rebound and game consistency throughout the set.

- The war of the cloth and the white marks that usually appears are reduced.

- Its resistance to friction reduce burns

The advantages of Aramith balls:

- Precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency within the set

- The preferred set used worldwide in tournaments and championships because of its uncompromised quality.

- For ultimate precise shots and ball repositioning.

- Through hardened vitrified surface with ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance.

- Extra durable smooth surface that minimizes table cloth wear for an exceptional cloth and ball longevity.

- The highest end phenolic resin available, designed in our laboratories.

- For all criteria : density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, weight.

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