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Top 8 billiard shafts to strike like your idols

What billiard shaft should I buy? This is one of the most recurrent questions and with no doubt, also one of the most difficult to answer. If you are looking for a 100% accurate answer, we will tell you in advance that we do not have it, but keep reading and we will help you find the billiard shaft that will cover all your billiard player needs :)

It really depends on the cue you own, how you play, how you feel more comfortable. Of course, fortunately, we have many options to choose from and find the one that best suits you. Browse, search, compare and be sure that you will find your favorite among these 8 options:

Predator Revo:

The Predator REVO 12.4 and REVO 12.9 are the most accurate predator shafts, providing players with supreme comfort, control and durability.

The REVO shaft incorporate more than twenty years of technological evolution and testing. The most solid shaft of Predator, the REVO axes have the lightest front mass, the lowest lifting speed, the highest radial consistency and the most durable construction. The result? The most precise shaft of the world at low and high speed, with the softest finish, the most possibility of turning, and fireproof durability.

Precise Predator shaft at low and high speeds

Diameter of the tip of 12.4 mm

REVO Low rise concave with an 8% increase over the first 14 inches

REVO Construction without hoops

Limited lifetime warranty against deformation

Tip diameter: 12.4mm / 12.9mm


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Predator 314-3

Built with new technology. The third generation of the world-renowned shafts of Predator has arrived, with a new front-end construction, stronger hi-tech materials, and even better performance capable of changing the rules of the game.

Construction V-Tek

V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencer

iMatch 10-Piece construction splice

Pro Taper

Premium Predator 8 layers Victory Tip

Tip diameter: 12.75mm

Predator Z-3

With specs almost identical to the Predator 314-3 but with a tip of smaller diameter, specificaly of 11.85mm. This makes it a shaft only suitable for more advanced players because it requires much more precision in the blow but giving exceptional results in control and power.

Predator Vantage

Introducing the Vantage. Designed and developed for players seeking greater rigidity and speed. They have the precision and control well known of Predator, Vantage shafts have the Pro V cone and have the lowest frontal mass of the entire line of Shafts Maple Predator, which makes them especially powerful.

Vault-Plate Technology

Virola V-Tek

V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencer

iMatch 10-Piece construction splice

ProV Taper

8 layer Predator Victory Tip

Tip diameter: 12.90mm

Longoni S2

S2, the original, inimitable.

The shaft S2, made of 10 sheets of Canadian Hardrock maple.

Its technology is the result of years of development in the "Stratos",

The first laminated shaft developed by Renzo Longoni in the mid-sixties and from which thousands of units have been manufactured.

The S2 shaft is suitable for those looking for an elastic but determined shaft, perfect for the most demanding players.

A classic shaft for those who want a professional and natural game.

Top control in the ball and low deflection.


Mezz Expro

The shaft Mezz Expro incorporates the technology "HCC" (Hybrid Carbon Core) of new generation and "Ex Front-Edge". It has the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility, providing strength to each strike without losing a bit of control.

With a tip diameter of 12.5mm and Zan Plus M soles, this shaft is ideal for players who are not afraid to hit the ball hard and do not want to lose control at any time.


Pechauer P+


Laminated shaft made of 12 pieces of maple. A shaft created to get the least deflection when hitting the ball. A shaft aimed at experienced players who will undoubtedly know how to get the best out of this Pechauer P +. An option that you can not miss if you are Pechauer's lover.


Lucasi Hybrid

The Lucasi Hibrid Zero Flex shafts are designed with the latest state-of-the-art technology to give players a giant leap in performance. Using the construction TSC (Total Sweet Spot Construction) eight pieces of radial construction extends the sweet spot along the entire shaft and provides a hybrid shaft with the same success, no matter how you hold the cue. Reducing the mass at the tip without having to pierce through the center (unlike most other low deflection shafts) increases performance while still providing a solid hit. Top it off with a soft Kamui Original leather tip enhances the feel and gives maximum control of the white ball.

Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flex brings the performance of Zero Flex technology one step further. This super slim line shaft offers all the features of the original Zero Flex shaft with a smaller 11.75mm tip with a European (straight) cone for maximum ball control.

We can find the following sole sizes according to the model:

Hybrid Zero Flex Slim: 11.75mm

Hybrid Zero Flex Point: 12.75mm

Now that you have seen all the options available for you, if you had to choose one, with which one would you go for?

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