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Products catalogue - Taom Fusion Tip
Delivery in 24–48h

Taom Fusion Tip

Taom Fusion Tip 14mm Pool M

19.90 €
Price without VAT: 16.45 €
Units in stock: 3
Products catalogue - Taom Pro tip 14mm
Delivery in 24–48h

Taom Pro tip 14mm

A high quality leather tip made from a selection of the best pig skins

16.90 €
Price without VAT: 13.97 €
Units in stock: 7
Products catalogue - Taom 2.0 Break & Jump Tip
Delivery in 24–48h

Taom 2.0 Break & Jump Tip

Transfers all the power with a light effort and precise control

24.95 21.21 € (–15%)
Price without VAT: 17.53 €
Units in stock: 10

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